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MYCUT Plasma Cutting Machine
MYCUT Plasma Cutting Machine
MYCUT Plasma Cutting Machine
MYCUT Plasma Cutting Machine
Starting from
RM 48,800.00
Model: MYCUT Plasma Cutting Machine Manufactured/Supplied by: Mach Robotics Contact: Mr Teh +6 016-677 8469 Email:
MYCUT CNC is Malaysia's most affordable CNC metal cutting system, without compromising cutting quality. The MYCUT series by Mach Robotics Malaysia is the result of decades of research and development in bringing professional cutting technology from expensive machines into a simple and easy to use CNC cutting machine that every fabricator can afford.


This MYCUT CNC is equipped is equipped wit a CNC-enabled plasma cutter that can cut from 0.5mm to 5mm mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Up to 4 feet of cutting width and length, which is suitable for fabricators that frequently cuts 4' x 4' plates. 

This MYCUT CNC is integrated with a CNC computer system containing all the necessary software for CNC cutting, as well as CNC controller electronics needed for precise CNC motion.

This MYCUT CNC is equipped with a modular torch interface. This allows MYCUT CNC to be upgrade-able with an additional tool such as CNC plasma cutter,so it can function as both CNC plasma and CNC oxy/gas cutter. In long term, if you wish to extend the cutting length of MYCUT, simply inform us and we will supply you with the necessary parts for the cutting length upgrade. The upgradeability of this machine is very high. Of course you can also purchase a bigger cutting size in the first place so you don't have to upgrade it in the future.

Upon successful purchase of our MYCUT CNC, once the machine has been unloaded to your desired work space with all the necessary power and gas requirements fulfilled, this is what we will do:

  1. We will install the machine in the morning
  2. If the installation process is smooth, usually after lunch we can start the training. 
  3. By the end of the day you will be able to operate the CNC cutting machine. After a week of continued practice you will be a CNC cutting expert in no time.

Sometimes there are problems with the CNC software settings, or maybe you may have forget the steps, or there are some problem with electrical or mechanical. No worries, call our after sales support number and we will attend to you as soon as possible. The good news is up to 95% of the problems can be solved via a phone call.

Our after sales support channels:

  • Via Internet Remote Computer Access
  • Via Phone Calls and SMS
  • Via WhatsApp
  • Via On-Site

MYCUT CNC is proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in Selangor, Malaysia by Mach Robotics, a company that focuses on manufacturing of custom CNC cutting machines as well as CNC repair services. You will be purchasing a locally made CNC cutting machine with local after sales support.


1. WHY USE PLASMA CUTTING? If you want to cut a variety of materials such as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, plasma cutter is the right choice. However affordable CNC-enabled plasma cutters only fall between 0.5mm to 5mm. There are also plasma cutters than can cut 0.5mm to 15mm, these are heavy duty air plasma cutters that fall in 4 digit amount. For 16mm and above they belong to high definition plasma cutters, which fall in a 5 digit amount. Plasma cutters are prone to bevel and tapered cut when the consumables are wearing off. We recommend oxy/gas cutting if you frequently cut thick mild steels with minimal bevel.


2.WHAT AIR SHOULD I USE FOR PLASMA CUTTING? Plasma cutting requires clean, dry, oil-free compressed air with a minimum pressure of 6 bar, after exiting air filtration and air pressure regulation. Bad air quality such as full of water, or oil will reduce the lifetime of the consumables very much faster. If you want a good cutting edge with minimal cutting burn marks, you can use nitrogen gas.


3. WHY CAN YOU USE NITROGEN GAS OR COMPRESSED AIR FOR PLASMA CUTTING? Essentially, compressed air is our environment air, which already contains 70% to 80% of nitrogen. The remaining percentage is other gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and more. Of course, 100% nitrogen is better.


4. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OXY/GAS AND PLASMA CUTTING? Oxy/gas cutting is limited to mild steel and carbon steel, but can cut very thick metals economically with very little bevel. Plasma cutting can cut mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, but only economical and affordable for less than 6mm cutting. As quality and high definition plasma cutters are mostly manufactured in USA, our currency exchange rate is causing the price of the plasma cutters and their consumables to increase. Therefore we always recommend our customers to go for 0.5mm to 5mm thickness in plasma cutting, and any cutting above that will be oxy/gas cutting. Should you want to cut thicker than 6mm for plasma cutting, please inform us, and we will try our best to work out the cost for a good plasma cutter.


5. IS THE CNC HARD TO USE? Most of our customers use foreign labor to operate our cutting machines, while they use local labor for cutting file preparation. We also provide training to foreign labors from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myammar, Burma, etc. Just ensure that they know some form of English/Malay, and knows how to use computer/smartphone! Our training takes less than 4 hours only! It's a very straight-forward and simplified procedure. We also provide operation manuals just in case your operator does not remember how to use.


6. WHY DO I NEED TO INSTALL GROUNDING FOR PLASMA CUTTING MACHINE? Plasma is actually ionized gas, and is also known as the fourth state of matter. In simple explanation, plasma cutters generate of high frequencies and spreads through the air through gas ionization. To prevent these high frequencies from affecting the CNC controls, computers and nearby devices, it is important to ground the machine body to the earth (workshop floor) using a 10' copper rod installed on the workshop floor. The grounding also serves as protection from thunder and lightning surges.



  • 4' x 4' : RM48,800.00
  • Other sizes please inquire us at +6016 677 8469 (Mr Teh)

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